About GENKIDO                                          for german click here

GENKIDO was founded in 2006 by Stefan Pawlitke. Preceding years of experience in martial arts and well as in the areas of meditation and energy teaching eventually led to the founding of GENKIDO.

For Stefan Pawlitke the classic martial arts and visual arts not only exist out of technical processes. They are inextricably linked with attitude, philosophy and art of healing. This source provides an incredibly huge potential of opportunities to promote the development and character education. For him the old traditional skills and the old classic martial arts, in both large and small, are an important contribution to society.

So it is not only a target to offer a destination for those interested, but also to support sustainable long-term cooperration in technical and character growth.

GENKIDO is thus open to anyone who feels close to the same goals.



                                             Kampfkunst und Tradition mit Respekt und Hingabe